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01 May 2020 @ 05:55 pm
If you have any requests plz don't hesitate
13 July 2012 @ 12:43 pm

At the table Jay and Jonghyun were pressed together in the middle of a small booth. Jonghyun was looking at the table,  blushing every time the others leg pressed against his.Which was alot considring they were pressed so close.

“You ok Jonghyung?”

Jay asked looking at the other boy.

“Your face is very red.”

He blushed more, and manged to stutter out an “I’m fine.”

“Your cute, like a puppy, Can I call you puppy?”

Jonghyun blushed and nodded his mind going crazy over the fact the other called him cute, the other four boys were watching them, but Jay and Jjong were unnotecing to it.

“I now dub you My puppy.”

He grinned, and Jonghyun shly looked up at him.

“Your puppy?”

He asked softly and Jay smiled.

“Yes my puppy, coz I’m the only one who can call you that.”

Key smikred softly, and Taemin awwed cuddling into Minho, Jonghyun quickly looked back down. Thankfully the waiter came over at that second, both of the couples ordered dishes to share, Jonghyun feeling a little more confident turned to Jay.

“Should we share to? I mean the dishes are big enough and it would be cheeper....”

Jonghyun tralied of slowly fiddling with the table cloth.

“I think thats a great idea puppy, What about sweet and sour prork with rice?”

He asked smiling and Jonghyun grinned at him.

“Sounds perfect thats my favrouite.”

“Really? Mine to.”

“Ok lets get that then.”

Jonghyun sat grinning like a fool, after there food was brought over and they had eatten, the two couples moved to the dance floor. (Yes this reatrunt has a dance floor deal with it) Jonghyun took the opertunity to strech his arms and legs .

“Thats better, not suqished any more.”

Jay laughed and smiled.

“Aww I dont know I liked being pushed up against you.”

Jonghyun blushed madley and looked at his hands, and jay pouted playfully.

“What dont you like being close to me?”

Jonghyuns head shot up and he looked at the other with wide eyes.

“N..n..no no I didn’t say that, I d..d..do its just..”

Jay laughed and patted the others shoulder.

“Its ok Jonghyun calm down, I was teaseing.”

He blushed and nodded looking up at the other, he haddent moved from his spot againt him, Jays eyes were watching there friends on the floor.

“How long have they been together?”

He asked nodding his head twoards the couples on the dance floor.

Jonghyun thought about it for a moment.

“2min arnt really dateing, or well havent told us they are I should say,. We all know they like each other and the way they act together is obviouse, but they havent made it offical yet.  Key and Jinki or Umma and Appa have been dateing sence middle school, the second last year i think it was, But they have known each other sence pre school, us three meet them the second year of elementary school, us five have been together sence.”

Jay smiled as he listened to Jonghyun, it was a cute story, he could tell thoses five would be friends for a long time.

“Why do you call them umma and appa?”

He asked smiling at Jonghyun.

“I dont know we always ahve, they are the umma and appa of our little group, they act like it, they take care of us and every thing, its our own little family, witch is good for taemin its what he needs.”

“What do you mean?”

Jonghyun blushed and shook his head.

“I shouldent have said any thing, im sorry its not my place to say thats Taemins biussness”

Jay nodded.

“Its ok I understand ill forget you said any thing”

“Thanks. What about you do you ahve any long time friends?”

Jonghyun looked up at the other smiling.

“Yer one guy known him forever, we went to bording school together in amercia for elementry and Middle school. When I moved back here so did he, but his pearnts are in Thialand so he lives at my house at the moment, he goes to see them in the holdiays, his name is Nickhun.”

“Ohhh i’ve seen him around he looks like a nice guy. “

“He is you should meet him sometime.”

“Id like that alot.”

Jonghyun smiled and looked back at his happy friends.

“So are they all gay? “ Jay asked looking at Jonghyun. “Not that it matters to me im just curiouse”

He added quickly. Jonghyun chukled.

“Taemin and Key are, Minho is Bisexual and Jinki is Key sexual.”

Jay nodded and smiled at the other.

“What about you? Are you gay?”

Jonghyun nodded blushing lightly

“Are you hyung?”

“Me no im Bi sexual.”

Jay smiled at him and Jonghyun smiled back.

“Is Nickhun gay?”

“Khun? Yer he is hes dateing that guy in our year...whats his name...the one with the mohawk”

Jonghyun laughed.

“Youngbae shii...Also known as Taeyang?”

“Thats the one...They only just started dateing so i forget easily.”

“Its ok, they would be cute together,”

“They are, there in the play to, so youll get to see them.”

“Awesome, I cant wait.”

The boys came over jsut as the food was brought back they all sat down laughing and smiling.

“This looks good.”

Jinki said grinning as he picked up a peice of chicken and popped it in his mouth, causing the boys to laugh, Jay looked at them strangley as they did.

“Typical Appa always chicken for you.”

“Hey its the best food in the world , nothing can beat it.”

Taemin giggled.

“You would eat it for breakfast lunch and Tea if you could appa.”

“Dam right i would, but your umma wont let me.”

He pouted playfully and key hit the others arm gently.

“Hey its not just me your mum says the same thing.”

“Yah i knew you and my mother were conspring to keep my chicken away from me!”

He said pointing an accusing chopstick at the other boy,  2min and Jonghyun were laughing happily as they watched and Jay looked utterly confussed but couldent halp but smile.”

“Shh and eat or I will never make chicken for you again.”

Jinki imeditly shoved a peice in his mouth as the others laughed happily, all of them began eatting as well, Jonghyun smiled at Jay.

“This is what its aways like this is why we are a family. We love each other and are comfterbul around each other no matter what.”

07 April 2012 @ 06:24 pm

The day for Jonghyun’s audtion came. He had heard "through the grapevine" (also known as Key) that Jay had scored the first male lead, and that, yes, in fact, the play had been rewritten to form a gay love story. Jonghyun stood back stage nervous as other boys had there turn. He peeked out from behind the curtain seeing his friends sitting in the audience to cheer him on.

“Kim Jonghyun, step out, it's your turn," The drama teacher called out, scribbling something on his clipboard about the last student as Jonghyun stepped out. He shielded his eyes from the bright light as he stepped onto the stage and made his way over to Jay in the middle.

“Don't worry, you get used to the lights,” Jay said softly, smiling at him. He handed Jonghyun a script, their fingers brushing each other which sent tingles up Jonghyun's arm.

“Have you prepared a song for us, Mr. Kim?”

“A...A...A song?”

The teacher looked up, clearly not impressed with Jonghyun. “Yes, Mr. Kim, this is a musical. You knew that, right?”

He blushed and bit his lip, nodding his head lightly. He was going to kill Key when he got the chance.

“Good. Start fom the top of the page, please, and then at the end you step forward and sing the song of your choice.”

He nodded and turned to Jay, who smiled at him. “Don’t worry, you'll do great.”

He blushed more and whispered a thanks. He looked at the script and took a deep breath, immediately stepping into character. “You can’t go... I won't let you. You just can’t! It's not an option - do you understand me?!”

Jay was shocked at how quickly Jonghyun could change. He really did look like he was about to cry and sounded like he would, too. The teacher coughed, startling Jay back to reality. He reached forward, taking Jonghyun's hand in his. “I know you don't want me to, darling, but I have to...”

Jonghyun pulled his hand away harshly. “Thats a lie and you know it!” He yelled, his voice echoing around the room. Jay reached forward again but Jonghyun hit his hand away.

“You think I want this?” Jay's tone of voice suddenly changed into something dangerous. “You think I want to leave you? I have no choice! If I could choose, I would be here with you, not half way across the country doing something I hate! I love you and nothing could ever change that.”

He touched Jonghyun's cheek afterwards. The other boy had to keep from melting into a puddle, he had to remember it was just acting.

Jay pulled him into his body. Jonghyun threw fists at his chest, not really hard but he made it look hard.

“No, let me go! Let me go! I don't want you near me - just fuck off to the other side of the world!” His voice broke, then the tears came.

“Don't leave me...” He whimpered softly, clinging to Jay's shirt. The latter had tears, too. "I'm sorry, my love, so sorry....” Jay whispered back, and then they sank to the ground in each other's arms.

“...and the lights go down then cue the next scene...”

The four boys sitting in the audience let out a breath they didn't know they were holding. They knew Jonghyun could cry on cue, but that was amazing. It felt and looked so real. The boys pulled a Jonghyun blushing apart from Jay, who was smiling.

“Now I know you can act, Mr. Kim - amazingly, I might add - but can you sing?”

Jonghyun calmed himself down and stepped forward.

“When you're ready.” The teacher simply said and Jonghyun began to sing.

1 Don’t wanna hurt nobody
This is a song for you
Skippin all the afterparties
Girl, I’m goin home with you
Don’t even think about it
You gon feel what we gon do
Cause we’ll be falling in love all night long Said I know she wanna be mine tonight
She should know that I can please mine for life
And we gonna have a good time, yeah
When I tell you girl it’s alright
You gon be my girl

nulle look from you girl and it’s too hard to get by
But excuse me girl, I’ve been watchin you
All night’ that’s right, I’d like to
Take this night over
What I’m tryin to say is you should be mine
She should be my
Baby, baby
Baby, baby
Baby, baby
She should be my girl

2 Wanna make you my somebody
Wanna see this world with you
So hard to find love like this
Chances are far and few
No other on-e can have you
I want you to myself
My heart is open for you all life long Said I know she wanna be mine tonight
She should know that I can please mine for life
And we gonna have a good time, yeah
When I tell you girl it’s alright
You gon be my girl

nulle look from you girl and it’s too hard to get by
But excuse me girl, I been watchin you
All night’ that’s right, I’d like to
Take this night over
What I’m tryin to say is you should be mine
Gonna get you girl
Get you girl
Get you girl
Get you

Then I’m gonna love you girl
Love you girl
You should be mine
Gonna get you girl
Get you girl
Get you girl
Get you
Then I’m gonna love you girl
Love you girl
You gon be my girl

nulle look from you girl and it’s too hard to get by
But excuse me girl, I been watchin you
All night’ that’s right, I’d like to
Take this night over
What I’m tryin to say is you should be mine


When he was done, his friends clapped and cheered, even Jay clapped behind him. Jonghyun blushed madly, then the teacher held up his hand to silence every one. He looked over his glasses at Jonghyun, who visibly shrunk underneath the gaze.

“Well, Mr. Kim, I hope you don't have any holiday plans for the next few months, because we're going to need you in rehearsals.”

“Does that mean he got the part?!” Key called out from the audience seats. The teacher didn't need to turn around to know who said that.

“Yes, Mr. Kim Kibum, your friend here got the part."

All the boys yelled and clapped in congrats, running towards the stage. Taemin was the first one onstage with Minho's help and threw his arms around Jonghyun. The elder boy laughed and hugged him back, soon bomarded by all four boys hugging him. Jay patted him on the shoulder, which was the only part he could really reach; a genuine smile shown on his lips.

“Congratulations, Jonghyun. I'm excited to be working with you.”

Said boy blushed and bowed as best he could with the boys still hanging off him. “Thank you, Jay hyung. I am excited to be working with you, too.”

Jay smiled and left the boys to celebrate together.

“I say we go out to dinner, my treat!” Jinki announced with a grin.

“Hyung, you don't have to do that...” Jonghyun whined, making Taemin laugh.

“Hey no arguing with appa.” Key interfered, smiling.

“Yes umma~” Jonghyun sighed then smiled. “So, hyung, what time you picking us up?”

Key laughed. “Let's go home and get changed. I'll be around to pick up each of you in an hour.”

Taemin and Minho looked at each other before Minho piped up.

“Let's invite Jay hyung to...you know, since he's the lead as well. Think it as a chance to get to know each other better.”

Jonghyun blushed. “Oh I don’t think thats a ....” He started to say, but Key cut him off.

“Oh thats a great idea! Hey, Jay hyung! Come here!”

Said boy had smiled and jogged over once he heard his name. “Yes Diva?”

Key glared at him. “One, don’t call me diva; and two, give me your address, go home, get changed, and I'll be there in an hour to pick you up. We are going out to celebrate and you're coming!”

Jay smiled and nodded, writing down his address for the younger boy.

“Ahh, who's we, though?” He asked, looking at the boys.

“Jinki, me, Taemin, Minho, you, and of course, Jonghyun.”

Jay looked over at Jonghyun, who was looking at his shoes.

“Oh good! I thought it was going to be just you and me for a minute there," he teased and smiled. Key glared but the rest of his friends laughed - even Jonghyun let out a soft chuckle.

Key turned up at Jonghyun's place half an hour early to help him get ready. Key was dressed in a simple jeans and a shirt, with a light jacket. Jonghyun's room was strewn with clothes, with the said boy in the wardrobe, throwing things everywhere this way and that. Key stood in the door and surveyed the area.

“Jesus, you're acting like this is your first date or something.” Key exclaimed and Jonghyun shot him a look. The other chuckled and pushed Jonghyun out the way, raiding his wardrobe. He found a pink, tight-fitting shirt and white skinny jeans. He threw them at the elder one and stepped out to let him change. Jonghyun left the room when he changed afterwords and blushed.

“How do I look?” He asked softly.

“Fabulous of course, because I dressed you.”

Jonghyun had to laugh at that, though he was nervous as hell. Even though it wasn't a real date, it kind of felt like one to him. Key pushed him out to the car and into the very back seat.

“'2min' are sitting together in the middle, because Minho will kill me if I break them apart. Besides you and Jay need to get to know each other better.” Key said smirking, then driving off before the other could protest.

The next two people to be picked up were 2min. They took their spots in the middle of the van while giggling.

“Umma, Jinki appa wants you to pick up Jay first. He fell over and needed to change.”

Key sighed. “He's clumsy, but I love him.”

He went to Jay's house next, the said boy waiting out the front. He went over to the car and opened the back door, then Taemin giggled.

“Your in the back with Jjong.”

He simply nodded and climbed into the back, buckling up his seat belt. He smiled at Jjong. “You look nice.”

Jonghyun blushed. “Thank you, Hyung, you look nice as well.” He said softly. Jonghyun rode the rest of the way in silence.His hand nervously clutched his pants as he tried not to look at Jay.

30 March 2012 @ 11:29 am
Title:Love from Drama
Couples: Key/Jinki (more to come)
Rating:G (for now)
Looks: Ring ding dong
Chapter: one/?

In Kim Jonghyun's eyes (and most of the schools) Park Jaebum (Jay) Is the hottest boy at Primadona All boys school. Jonghyun has been crushing on the all around hottie for a while, so what will happen when there thrust into the spot light together. Friendship or something more.

Omo he’s looking at me , Park Jaebum is looking at me....HOLY SHIT WHEN DID I TURN INTO SUCH A FAN GIRL.
Jjong thinks to himself as the Teacher blabbers on about god knows what, Out of the corner of his eye he can see his so called best friend Kim Kibum (Key) Smirking at him. Jonghyun quickly moved his eyes from Jay to the floor blushing red causing key to smirk more.
When they were left to their own devices Key corned Jjong.
“You like him.”
Key said from behind Jjong making the elder jump.
He asked trying to remain calm.
“Don’t play dumb, you know who, you like Jay hung.”
Jjong blushed bright red.
“N...n...no I don’t.”
“Then why are you blushing?”
Key smirked. Jay decided that then was a good time to come over. He slung an arm around Jjong's shoulders smiling at the two boys.
“What are we talking about?”
He asked smiling happily, Jjong was frozen under the others touch.
“Just about work right Jjong?”
Jonghyun saw Key was out to destroy him.....or that’s how it was in his head any way. He looked up at Jay and opened his mouth to answer but no sound came out.
“You ok there dongsae?”
Jay asked looking worried. Jonghyun's face flushed bright red, he managed a soft.
Jay laughed making Jonghyun’s insides go all funny causing him to smile.
“Hi to you to. Hey has any one ever told you, you look like a dinopuppy?”
Jonghyun went to answer but Key beat him to it.
“What the fuck is a dinopuppy?”
He asked looking at Jay like he was an idiot. Jay shrugged eyes still locked with Jjong’s.
“I don’t know but whatever it is I’m sure it’s cute.”
Jjong practically melted.
Did he just call me cute? PARK JAE BUM JUST CALLED ME CUTE!
He squealed causing everyone in the room to look at him. He could have died right there and then.
“That was out loud wasn’t it?” He asked looking at Key who nodded trying not to laugh.
“Oh god I’m going to die”
He ran out the room dead embarrassed.
“Wait Jjong.”
Jay called moving to go after the other only to be stopped by Key.
“Leave him you are the last person he wants to see after that.”
He sighed and nodded. He knew Key was right but that didn’t stop him wanting to chase after the other boy.

Jjong ran to the bathrooms slamming the door behind him, He wasn’t angry or upset just embarrassed. Very very embarrassed. He took a few deep breaths and splashed some warter on his face.The door opened and Taemins head popped in.
“You ok hyung?”
“Embarrassed as Fuck but yer im ok.”
Taemin smiled and stepped in closing the door behind him.
“Its not that bad hyung. I'm sure his fan boys have done worse then squeal at him for no reason. Why did you squeal at him any way?”
Taemin asked looking questioningly at the other as he jumped onto the bench. Jonghyun sighed and ran a hand threw his hair, leaning his back on the bench.
“Well while him and Key were talking I was kinda spazzing in my head...”
“About what hyung?”
He blushed and looked at the ground.
“Oh come on hyung we all know you like him.”
Jonghyun's head shot up and he looked shocked.
“Your not very good at hiding it you know? Your always watching his performances and shows, and his music to. When you do you get this stupid grin or love struck look about you. Its cute actually.”
Jonghyun Blushed a bright shade of red.
“Am I that obvious?”
Taemin nodded and Jonghyun groaned.
“Do you think Jay hyung knows?”
“No. He just thinks your shy and cute, But he will think you like him if you don't get your butt in there and stop fan boying”
He knew Taemin was right, he would just have to control him self a little better next time. He held out a hand to Taemin to help him down and the other happily took it slipping down off the bench. They walked hand in hand back to the room, No one really looked up when they entered except Minho, who glared at there joined hands.
“Whats going on with you and Minho?”
Jonghyun asked softly as they slowly came in. Now it was Taemins turn to blush.
“Nothing hyung.”
He said quickly and let go of Jonghyun's hand running over to sit with Minho and a few other boys who were there.
Key waved him over from were he was sitting with Jinki. As Jonghyun made his way over Key slipped into Jinkis lap so Jjong had room to sit down.
“So drama class turned out to be more eventful then you hopped.”
Jonghyun poked out his tongue.
“Shut up, did you find out what part your going to go for yet?”
Key shook his head.
“Ill stick with make up artist, Its what i'm good at.”
That was more then true, Key was a diva and the girlist person in the whole school.Which Isn't hard when your in an all boys school.
“Jays going for the main part you know?” Key said slyly.
“So go for the other lead, It will you a chance to get closer to him.”
“He doesn't like me.”
Key scoffed and gave him a are-you-for-real look.
“I hear there's a kissing scene between the two mains.”
Jinki added helpfully as he watched his friends talk.
Key clapped smiling .
“OK its settled your going for the main, Ill go sign you up now.”
“Wait what? What if I refuse?”
Key sent him a look that could kill and continued across the room to sign Jonghyun up. He turned to Jinki.
“Im screwed arnt i?”
“Well you can look at it two ways, 1. Its a chance to get closer to Jay and maybe get your man or 2. You can See it as your screwed and never get the chance to know if he likes you.”
Jonghyun stared at him.
“When did you get so wise? “
“When all you can do is shut up and listen you learn a few things. “
He smiled and pulled key back into his lap when the younger came back over.
“What are we talking about?”
Key asked and Jinki smiled kissing his cheek.
“How beautiful you are.”
Key grinned.
“Mmm why did you stop then keep going.”
He smirked and the other two laughed. Jonghyun stretched.
“So whats this play about any way?”
“I don't know some romance crap, they were talking about rewriting it a bit to make it a gay love story.”
Jonghyun stared at him.
“Your kidding right?”
Key shook his head and Jinki hid his giggles , as Jonghyun groaned Taemin skipped over closely followed by Minho.
“Umma told us your going for the other lead hyung, How exciting. “
He grinned and looked at Minho.
“Minho and I are going for parts to, just smaller ones, but were sure you'll get it.”
Jonghyun smiled at them and mumbled a thanks.
17 March 2012 @ 12:00 pm
IM still alive
29 November 2011 @ 06:26 pm
26 September 2011 @ 08:43 am
13 years
How long have you had your best friend?

12 September 2011 @ 10:17 am
Where were you?

In the grade 1/2 class room at manchster sitting in class
24 January 2011 @ 02:51 pm
*JI sighed as he slung his bag up on his shoulder, he toook yunhos hand and took one last look at there old house, they had a few hours to kill and they need to do somthing that didnt cost much as both were pretty much broke<*
lets go hyung
*he siad softly*
31 October 2010 @ 06:12 pm
*G dragon was 17 when his mother got remarried, He like the man but hated his son, they never got along. G dragons Father had left when he was three , G draogn had had a good life, the boy was a fashion nova he always wore the lastest fashion. He had a small gruop of friends alothough every one knew him. G dragon was also opnly gay and his mother had no problem with it.

the said boy was curretnly struggling up the stairs to his new room in the attic, with a big box of clothes and books when he saw Yunho up ahead*
GOing to help me?
*he spat at the other*