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13 July 2012 @ 12:43 pm
Love from Drama Chapter 3  

At the table Jay and Jonghyun were pressed together in the middle of a small booth. Jonghyun was looking at the table,  blushing every time the others leg pressed against his.Which was alot considring they were pressed so close.

“You ok Jonghyung?”

Jay asked looking at the other boy.

“Your face is very red.”

He blushed more, and manged to stutter out an “I’m fine.”

“Your cute, like a puppy, Can I call you puppy?”

Jonghyun blushed and nodded his mind going crazy over the fact the other called him cute, the other four boys were watching them, but Jay and Jjong were unnotecing to it.

“I now dub you My puppy.”

He grinned, and Jonghyun shly looked up at him.

“Your puppy?”

He asked softly and Jay smiled.

“Yes my puppy, coz I’m the only one who can call you that.”

Key smikred softly, and Taemin awwed cuddling into Minho, Jonghyun quickly looked back down. Thankfully the waiter came over at that second, both of the couples ordered dishes to share, Jonghyun feeling a little more confident turned to Jay.

“Should we share to? I mean the dishes are big enough and it would be cheeper....”

Jonghyun tralied of slowly fiddling with the table cloth.

“I think thats a great idea puppy, What about sweet and sour prork with rice?”

He asked smiling and Jonghyun grinned at him.

“Sounds perfect thats my favrouite.”

“Really? Mine to.”

“Ok lets get that then.”

Jonghyun sat grinning like a fool, after there food was brought over and they had eatten, the two couples moved to the dance floor. (Yes this reatrunt has a dance floor deal with it) Jonghyun took the opertunity to strech his arms and legs .

“Thats better, not suqished any more.”

Jay laughed and smiled.

“Aww I dont know I liked being pushed up against you.”

Jonghyun blushed madley and looked at his hands, and jay pouted playfully.

“What dont you like being close to me?”

Jonghyuns head shot up and he looked at the other with wide eyes.

“N..n..no no I didn’t say that, I d..d..do its just..”

Jay laughed and patted the others shoulder.

“Its ok Jonghyun calm down, I was teaseing.”

He blushed and nodded looking up at the other, he haddent moved from his spot againt him, Jays eyes were watching there friends on the floor.

“How long have they been together?”

He asked nodding his head twoards the couples on the dance floor.

Jonghyun thought about it for a moment.

“2min arnt really dateing, or well havent told us they are I should say,. We all know they like each other and the way they act together is obviouse, but they havent made it offical yet.  Key and Jinki or Umma and Appa have been dateing sence middle school, the second last year i think it was, But they have known each other sence pre school, us three meet them the second year of elementary school, us five have been together sence.”

Jay smiled as he listened to Jonghyun, it was a cute story, he could tell thoses five would be friends for a long time.

“Why do you call them umma and appa?”

He asked smiling at Jonghyun.

“I dont know we always ahve, they are the umma and appa of our little group, they act like it, they take care of us and every thing, its our own little family, witch is good for taemin its what he needs.”

“What do you mean?”

Jonghyun blushed and shook his head.

“I shouldent have said any thing, im sorry its not my place to say thats Taemins biussness”

Jay nodded.

“Its ok I understand ill forget you said any thing”

“Thanks. What about you do you ahve any long time friends?”

Jonghyun looked up at the other smiling.

“Yer one guy known him forever, we went to bording school together in amercia for elementry and Middle school. When I moved back here so did he, but his pearnts are in Thialand so he lives at my house at the moment, he goes to see them in the holdiays, his name is Nickhun.”

“Ohhh i’ve seen him around he looks like a nice guy. “

“He is you should meet him sometime.”

“Id like that alot.”

Jonghyun smiled and looked back at his happy friends.

“So are they all gay? “ Jay asked looking at Jonghyun. “Not that it matters to me im just curiouse”

He added quickly. Jonghyun chukled.

“Taemin and Key are, Minho is Bisexual and Jinki is Key sexual.”

Jay nodded and smiled at the other.

“What about you? Are you gay?”

Jonghyun nodded blushing lightly

“Are you hyung?”

“Me no im Bi sexual.”

Jay smiled at him and Jonghyun smiled back.

“Is Nickhun gay?”

“Khun? Yer he is hes dateing that guy in our year...whats his name...the one with the mohawk”

Jonghyun laughed.

“Youngbae shii...Also known as Taeyang?”

“Thats the one...They only just started dateing so i forget easily.”

“Its ok, they would be cute together,”

“They are, there in the play to, so youll get to see them.”

“Awesome, I cant wait.”

The boys came over jsut as the food was brought back they all sat down laughing and smiling.

“This looks good.”

Jinki said grinning as he picked up a peice of chicken and popped it in his mouth, causing the boys to laugh, Jay looked at them strangley as they did.

“Typical Appa always chicken for you.”

“Hey its the best food in the world , nothing can beat it.”

Taemin giggled.

“You would eat it for breakfast lunch and Tea if you could appa.”

“Dam right i would, but your umma wont let me.”

He pouted playfully and key hit the others arm gently.

“Hey its not just me your mum says the same thing.”

“Yah i knew you and my mother were conspring to keep my chicken away from me!”

He said pointing an accusing chopstick at the other boy,  2min and Jonghyun were laughing happily as they watched and Jay looked utterly confussed but couldent halp but smile.”

“Shh and eat or I will never make chicken for you again.”

Jinki imeditly shoved a peice in his mouth as the others laughed happily, all of them began eatting as well, Jonghyun smiled at Jay.

“This is what its aways like this is why we are a family. We love each other and are comfterbul around each other no matter what.”

choi_minju: Jaebumchoi_minju on July 13th, 2012 08:36 am (UTC)
lol cute~
But yah, you promised I'd be your beta. *pouts*
Hehe~ it's cute and cheesy~ and I'm wondering about Taemin's past. o.o

Edited at 2012-07-13 08:37 am (UTC)
vampiregirl_133: Jonghyun Scarfvampiregirl_133 on July 13th, 2012 10:11 am (UTC)
Ahhh I'm sorry I forgot.
I'm glad u like it. There will be smut eventually.
And u will find out later about that although I will drop hints.