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17 September 2010 @ 11:00 pm
What was your favorite childhood band or artist? Are you still a fan?

Niki webster and yes
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05 September 2010 @ 02:02 pm

Heechul’s head shot up. He looked over at Bou’s bed.You could clearly see the tent in Bou’s pants as he was lying on his back.

“B..Bou? Are you awake?”

Heechul asked in a loud whisper.Bou let out another moan and rolled on his side snoring softly. Heechul let out a sigh of relife, at least he could pretened he hadent heard the otehr when morning came around. Heechul rolled over and prepared for a restless nights sleep.

*Next morning*

After Bou had taken care of his problem, he jumped on Heechul giggling.

“Cindarella!!!Wake up”

He poked Heechuls cheeks.

“Should i call you sleeping beauty insted?”

Bou Giggled

“Do and your dead”

Heechul growled

“Cindarella i can live with, sleeping beauty is you.”

He teased oping his eyes. Bou pouted

“Why am I sleeping beauty?”

“Because 1. You look like her and 2. Becasue you fall asleep every were we are.”

Heechul rubbed his eyes yawning, as Bou played with a strand of his own hair

“I gusse you right”

Bou smiled and Heechul laughed

“Ok I dub you sleeping beauty.”

He touched the others shoulders one after the other.

“Why are we awake again?”

Hecchul asked looking at the clock

“At 8am?”

HE growled lightly

“Because were going puppy shopping”

Bou stated with a grin

Heechul’s eyes widened as he stared at the other with wide eyes

“No, No way, No dogs”

Bou pouted and pulled a puppy dog face.


He sighed and tried to resist  the puppy dog face, but falied misaribuly. No one could resist that face.

“Fine. Get up so i can get ready.”


Bou cheered and stared jumping on the bed singing

“Were getting a puppy. Were getting a puppy.”

Over and over again

Kangin stuck his head in the door as Heechul pulled his shirt over his head.

“Who’s getting a puppy?”

He asked watching the bouncing Bou

“We are aparently”

Heechul stated looking for his pants

“Bou’s Idear”

Kangin shrugged and slipped out going to find his boy friend.

Heechul looked at Bou who was still jumping up and down on the bed full of energy.

“Ok you need to stop and get ready or were not going.”

Bou squeeled and jumped off the bed franticly starting to get dressed.

The said boy ended p wiht his shrit backwards and his pan ts half on, Before he fell over. Heechul smirked and went to help the boy, Fixing hsi shirt and pants.

“There all better”

Bou grinned and hugged the other, Heechul laughed and hugged him back.

“Lets go before you fall asleep again.”

Heechul teased

“You mennie”

Bou gently pushed the other.

“I wasent the one who fell asleep on the ride now was I?”

Bou blushed.

“Come on sleeping beauty”

Heechul took bous hand and lead him out of the door and down the street.


22 June 2010 @ 12:53 pm
What is your favorite weird food combination? Have your friends ever tried it or do you only eat it in private?

Penut butter natella and apple and my frined wont eat it
08 June 2010 @ 03:29 pm

Title:Practice rooms



Warnings:Smut and language oh and boyxboy

A/N:My first Cn blue fic^^

Summary:Practice that leads to more


Yonghwa had just finished practising, sweat running down his body, He pulled off his t shirt throwing it to the side streaching his arms above his head.

“Hyu..” Minhyuks words cuaught in his throat at the site of the other.

“Hey Min” Yonghwa grinned at the other ”What are you still doing here?”

Minhyuks face was as red a a tomatoo he had be harboring a secrete crush on the other for a wile.

“I..i..i..i um i wanted to see h..how you were going .”

“I was practising wana join me?” Yonghwa smiled drinking some water a bit traling down his chin. Minhyuks eyes followed it and an image of him self licking it off. His pants tightened slightly.


He started dancing with the other  tripping up a few times as eh was consentrating on the others bear chest insted of  the moves.

“Here let me help”

Yonghwa smiled and   went behind the other pressing him self aginst him

“Move like this”

He put his hands on the others hip showing him what to to moving with him. Minhyuk blushed more, pants becoming even tighter at the felling of the other pressed aginst him.

‘O...OK Hyung.”

His knees felt weak  as he moved with the other a tent now formed in the front of his pants.

“Well looks like some ones happy today” Yonghwa smirked  seeing  the tent in the refection.

Minhyuk blushed more

“S..s..sory ill go” Minhyuk moved to leave only to be grabbed by the other

“Who said i wanted you to leave looks like you need some help there”

He pulled Minhyuk back into the position he was in before, Running his hand down the others chest with a smile,

“Do  you want me to help you?”

Yonghwa breathed hotly into the others ear making him shiver

“Please help me Hyung”

Yonghwa  teased the wasit band of the others pants as he  claimed the others lips him a battle of lips teeth and tounges.Minhyun got inpatined and pushed the others hand into his pants maoning as Yonghwa hand touched his hard flesh. Yonghwa used his free hand to push off the others pants and boxers stroking him slowly. Minhyuk caught site of him self  in the mirror  face flushed other mouth on his nech hand stroking his cock he made himeve more tunred on the panted harshky moaning  and bucking his hips into the touch.

“More” Minhyuk Moaned

Yonghwa smirked and pulled of the others shirt reatching his lips to the others neck and tugging if his pants pushing his erection against the others ass making them both moan out loud. Yonghwa ran his hand down the others back teasing his entrnce with a finger  beofre oushing it inside. Minhyuk hissed at the intrusion and willed him self to relax around the other.

“Relax baby” Yonghwa wispred

“T..t.trying” He slowly lossened up around the others finger. Yonghwa strted thrusting in and out  making the other Moan and he slowly added a second one siccroing him gently soon the other was pushing back aginst his fingers.

“Hyung i want you inside me please fuck  me now”

Yonghwa amoaned at the otehrs words and slowly removed his fingers slamming into the other causing him to cry in pain and pleasure.

“D..dont move yet wait” Minhyuk panted trying to relax around him


 Stroked him slowly felling the other relax around him he clamied his lips and started thrusting hard and fast into the other. Minhyuk knees went weak.

“Hyung i cant stand any more”

“Ok hang on”

He moved so the other was in his hand and kneeds not npulling out of his amr around his waist as he fucked him hard  he cuaght a glipms of there sweat covred bodys in the mirroe watching his cock dissapree in the other truning him on more.


Yonghwa thrusted as hard as he could into him, He knew he had hit the others spot when he scremed in pleasure, He fliiped the other so he was lying on his back Yonghwa hands euther side of his head as he hit the spot repedtly. Minhyuks legs wrapped around his waist and his arms around the others neck, he was soon reduced to a mess of mans and screms Yonghwa tough driving him almost over the edge.

“Hyung im close” He pushed back aginst the other hard.

“Me to Min”

He slammed harder and faster into him soo they both came hard and long panting harshly Yonghwa pulled out of Minhyuk lying next to him panting.

“That was amazing Hyung.”

Yonghwa smile stoking the others cheek

“Deffiently. Why didnt you tell me you liked me earlier?”

Minhyuk blushed

“Becasue i didnt think you’d like me “

“silly boy”

They kissed sweetly

“Mmm hyung im sleepy” Minhyuk said with a yawn

“lets go hime then.”

“Sleep wiht me tonight?”

“Wouldent have it any other way”



08 June 2010 @ 01:29 pm

Title:Dont cry

Pairings:Henry/Hangeng and band fic



A/N:15 4 ever

Summary: One big happy familyCollapse )


07 June 2010 @ 10:33 pm

Title:Mission love is in the air

Pairings:Kyumin (main)Eunhae, Kangtuke,Yewook,Kigeng,Shichul

Rating:pg for kissing



Summary: Mission love is in the air
For: sungminxx 

It was no secret that Kyu and Sungmin liked each other only they didnt know that other licked them.The mebers of Suju kept dropping hints here and there,  leaving them alone or making them sit next to each other but it didnt work they were simply oblivies.

“Minnie i think Kyu needs some help with Dinner do you mind?”Kangin asked from his room

“Not at all appa”The residedunt bunny boy hopped of towards the kitchen

“Mission love is in the air is a go i repete Mission love is in the air is ago. Racoon over and out”

Kangin said into the walkie talky wiht a smile . The mebers had arangged a plan to get them together al with some sneaky planing.

“Comence phase one alone time bookworm, Chinese man you on. Angel over “

Tukie gestured for Kibum and Hangeng to make there  move. The two said boys walked to the kitchen were Kyu and Sungmin were cutting up vegtables sneaking glances at each other blushing when ever there eyes met.

“Guys were going out to get some beer for dinner ok? We will be back soon.”

Hangeng said waving to the others as he pulled the nodding Kibum behind him.

“Ok.”Sungmin called  looking at what Kyu was doing. “No no like this Kyu”

He went behind him placing his hands over the others he showed him how to cut it proply, both boys blushed madley

“Thanks Hyung”

Kibum andHangeng pretened to leave and snuk back to Kangtukes room

“Ok Turtle, Monster,Hamster,chinese Boy, God boy,Rella,Food lover,Monkey,Fish, Your up  small groups pepole we dont want them to be surpsios of us rember meet back in the racoon angles room” Kibum said into the walkie talkie “Monkey and fish your in charge of opertion 2 power out now move”

Kibum settled back aginst Hangeng smiling.

“I love it when you take charge so sexy”

Hangeng clamied Kibums lips in a kiss making the other maon softly the others to obsorbed in the computer to notice.

Slowly they pretened to fillter out of the dorm coming up wiht one excuse or another. Eunhyuk and Donghae were the only two that actuly left. Kyu and Sungmin were singin along to a girl group song smiling to each other when sudenly the power went out. Sungmin scremed and latched him self onto Kyu.

“Hyung you ok?”

Kyu asked holding Sungmin tightly

“Yes im ok”

He searched around for a candle lighting it and seting it on the table  he snuggled up next to Kyu on the floor.

“Kyu when do you think  the power will be on?”

“Soon hyung”

~Mean wile~

“Hae be quiet they will hear us”

Donghae tried to hold back his laughter as Eunhyuk cute the power for there aprtment

“Hae i mean it be quiet”

“Or what?”

He teased wiht a smile

“Or this”

Eunhyuk put a hand on the back of his neck pulling him closer and kissing him deepily



~Back at the dorm~

“So were did the others say they were going?”

Sungmin asked his head on Kyu’s shoulder

“Mm out to get stuff i think”



~In Kangtuk’s room~

“Is it wroking did they confess?”

An egar wookie  clibmed over to listen

“Shhhh i cant hear if you talk”

Kanging pushed him back gently

“Yesung controll him”

Yesung pulled ryewook back claming his lips in a kiss to shut him up wile the other crowed around the lap top.




“Kyu do you like and one?”

Sungmin asked quietly

“Y..y..y..yes why?”

Kyu blushed brightly


Sugmin felt his heart sink slightly

“Who?What are they like?”

He asked quietly

Kyu took a deep breath thanking shisus that it was dark as his face was a red as any thing.

“Hes sweet and cute, he likes to help, He likes to play, Hes my dream guy , his smile makes me melt, He likes pink and buinnies i couldent imaggen my life wiht out him.”

Wile Kyu was talking Sungmin had stoped breathing when he relised who he was talking about.


he looked up at him


He asked quickly


~Kangtuk’s room~

“Yah that boy needs to slow down”

Heechul  protested

“Siwon Quiet the princess please”

Siwon nodded and moved towards Heechul

“Oh no dont you dare if you do no sex for a month i wan hear whats going on”

Heechul tried to push the other awaY

“like you could resit me”

Siwon said and kissed him



“w....w..what?Hyung  slowl down and say it again.”

He wanted to make sure he heard right

“I said i like you Kyu and i want to go out with you”

Sungmin blushed brightly

“I like you to “

He leaned closer  and kissed Sungmin lovingly

A loud cheer and a Finaly were heard from the hall

But the new couple ignored it and contiuned kissing.



~Kangtuke’s room~

“YES”  All the boys yelled happily

“FINALY” Came heechuls vocie from the other side of the room

“Mission Love is in the air is a Sucsess”

Kaning smiled kissing Tukies cheek as shindong looked around the room

“Any one seen Eunhae?”

He asked

“Havent seen them sence the power out”

Came hangengs replie as the door opened and in came two boys closed and hair out of place cheeks flushed and lips swollen.

“No need to gusse what they were up to”

Came henry vocie and every one tunred to stare at him
“What i know these things to”

He looked bettween them all as Tukie let out a cry and attacked MiMi

“You took my babys inoccence”

“Now come on Tukie”

Kangin tried to pull him off  the poor chinese boy who was hiding

The Kyumin couple snuk past giggling making a mental note to thank them in the morning.






31 May 2010 @ 02:31 pm
So did my englis exam today..........................................so failed what the hell dose launge anliys have to do with any thing i mean really. i have to do it though so i can get in to uni grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Ahhh two weeks of exams then two weeks of school then two weeks holiday i swear this school is killing me i hate i repeate i hate VCE.
So had a date on saturday and well it went really well i got kissed and every thing i was so happy^^. Apart from Rping i havent done much so yer i felt like wrting this i think im going to use thismore as a journal now then for just storys but dont worry ill still do my stories and thoses wating on OUr life IM SORRY i wil have it up soon. And i will be doing Trickry is best very soon i promies love you all

Kira  over and out
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31 March 2010 @ 01:02 pm

“i already showed you i can didn't I?”
“Maybe... a little”
He jumped off the table and yawned
“I am sleeping, going to take a nice nap, I hope I was a good company to you”

Jonghyun pouted

“no please dont go”

“but i am sleepy i really am”

Jinki rubbed his eyes yawning tiptoeing from one foot to the other

“well can i lay with you?”

Jonghyun pouted again

“you want to sleep with me “

Jinki bit his lip after he relised how that sounded

“Umm yer i would”

Jinki  wasn't sure, inviting someone who confessed like hour ago to his bed sounded to Onew pretty weird, he tugged on his own shirt
“Can we nap in the livingroom? On the couch?”

Jonghyun nodded

“I dont mind as long as im with you”

Jonghyun smiled

Jinki  smiled and nodded

“Then couch will it be, “
Jinki  turned and run to his room
“I need to change in pajamas, it's more comfy,”

JOnghyun nodded and waited smiling to him self he touched his lips rembring there earlier kiss

Jinki changed in purple pajama with yellow hearts on it and he laid on the couch snuggling his favorite pillow and covering himself with blanket.

Jonghyun smiled and laid next to him

Jinki felt slightly uncomfortable, he turned the other way. and hide his face into pillow slowly falling asleep

Jonghyun sighed and rolled over facing the other way this was going to take time he closed is eyes

Jinki fell asleep breathing softly his hands wrapped around pillow

Jonghyun fell asleepsoon after


31 March 2010 @ 01:00 pm

He smiled
“Just take me for a walk somewhere”


Jonghyun smiled

“ill take you for a walk somewere nice then il buy you lunch ok?”

Jinki held his thumbs up
“Good idea, you clever guy, a question now, do you think someone ate that chips that were in the kitchen?”

“im not sure lets go see “

He stood up and offered a hand to Jinki

He got up by himself and placed his hands on Jonghyuns hips pushing him gently towards kitchen
“I need to eat them,”
He chuckled
“Or I will die”

Jonghyun blushed and walked towards the kitchen

“dont die that wouldent be good”

“So they better be there”
He passed Jonghyun and started his search for chips
“I wanna play truth or dare with others, what would you make them do?Striptease?”

Jonghyun handed the chips to him

“hmmm no probly not well maby taemin or minho but other then that no”

“And how about the kissing part?”
He asked curiously and opened bag of chips stuffing some into his mouth

“what were i dared you to kiss me? no i wont dare any one else to do that unless its minho or taemin to kiss each other”

“You think they would kiss?”
Jinki  asked and he jumped on the table sitting there

Jonghyun leaned against the bench

“i dont know they might”

“Do you like watching people kiss or what?”
He got chips and moved it in front of Jonghyuns face holding in two fingers

“no i dont “

He smiled and opened his mouth


“Then why?”
He feed him and got next for himself
“You wanna kill poor Minho or be killed by Key who will protect his kid?”

“noo i just have the felling that taemin likes him is all”

Jonghyun smiled at Jinki

“And you are playing matchmaker?”
He took another chips
“Aaaahhhh, well if that's true I don't think they want to share kiss like that, it would be better to make Taemin confess to person he likes,”

“mm good idea “

He opened his mouth again


“If something would happen between them I think they would like to share kiss in other way”
Jinki smiled and put the chips into his own mouth instead

Jonghyun pouted


 He smiled

 “mm that would be sweet if they got togther “

Jinki  tried to imagine Taemin and Minho together. that would be odd but pretty sexy couple he thought, and put chips in his mouth letting it stick out as he leaned to Jonghyun.

Jonghyun stared at him before leaning forward and biting the bit of chip sticking out of onews motuh
Jonghyun  pulled back blushing

Jinki  smiled and ate the rest wiggling on the table
“You think that Minho likes him back?”

Jonghyun went and sat next to him

“hmm im not sure maby”

“He is hard to read, and if you ask he won't answer I guess”
He took another chips
“Aaahhh, lucky Minho, Taeminnie is cute and soft and he is growing to be so gorgeous”

Jonghyun grabbed jinkis hand biting the chip smiling

 “mm he is hard to read isnt he?”

Jinki nodded humming
“It would be better to find out what's going on with him before we play, you don't want to hurt anyone right?”

“right “

He nodded turning to jinki

He tilted his head eating another chips
“Any ideas?”
He reached his hand to remove small piece of chips from other lips
“Can't you eat properly?”
Jinki grinned

Jonghyung blushed brightly

“yes i can and no i dont have any idears”

Jinki nodded and licked piece of the chips off of his finger
“Maybe asking him would be the best, “

“mm maby”

HE watched Jinki lick his finger groaning slightly

Jinki noticed the other almost stopped talking

He asked putting his hand away from mouth

“n...nothing dont worrie about it ok “

Jonghyun smiled

“Tell me”

Jinki nudged the others side

Jonghyung blushed

 “when you licked your finger ..it..um yer”

“You had chips there”
He said and pointed at the others mouth
“I just cleaned it, it shouldn't waste right?”

“haha yer “

*He blushed again*
“Jinki  can i umm.......”

”Can you what”?

he tilted his head getting curious

“whats wrong?”

Jounhyun chuckled

“nothing wrong i just wanna kiss you can i? “

Jonghyun  asked

Jinki said and closed eyes leaning closer
Jonghyun took a deep breath before leaning in and kissing the other gently moving his lips against Jinkis

Jinkii smiled and put his arms around jonghyuns neck holding him gently as he kissed back

Jonghyun was a little a taken back but continued to kiss him anyway wrapping his arms around Jinki waist

Jinki  pulled away and bit his loverlip

“how was it?”

he whispered his eyes closed his arms dropping down

Jonghyun stroked the others cheek

“ it was great”

“You need to be patient and wait for more... Can i ask for something?will you please keep it between us?i want some privacy...lets keep it for now just between us”

Jonghyun smiled at him

“ for sure i will keep i beetween us and i promis ill be patient “

“We will tell them later...”

he poked jonghyuns cheek and took another chips feeding him


Jonghyung smiled

” ahhhh”

Jinki decided that they probably looked silly and he started to laugh

Jonghyun giggled

“Whats so funny?”


Jinki  taped his nose and then pecked it he got into romantic mood

Jonghyun blushed lightly smiling at the other


Jinki  smiled he was eyeing jonghyuns body his face he never really was paying attentions to stuff like that now his hand moved to trace others jaw and lips

JOnghyun smiled and placed a kiss on his fingers
“whats up with you hyung your acting different?”

“Nah i am just thinking”

he shivered and took hand away

“you better behave”

“i will”

Jonghyun smiled

31 March 2010 @ 12:59 pm

He started slowly
“Not yet anyway...”
Jinki  added looking into others eyes
“But on the other hand I can't say that I don't like you, I feel good and comfortable around you...”
He pursed his lips
“And you had my first kiss...and first striptease...so...how about we hang out together, like go somewhere you know...when you meet someone, like a walk?or something...”

Jonghyun smiled at him

“ANy thing you want Jinki”

He sighed, Jonghyun could be weird and annoying, first he was like I like you then whatever now anything you want...like it was Jinki who wanted this, Jonghyun disn't fight for it at all so he just scored few minuses.

“i only want you to be happy” Jonghyun  half wisped

Jinki added another minus and he sat up
“I am fine thank you,”
He decided to leave it alone until Jonghyun will feel like actually going somewhere or something like that because talk like that was meaningless
“I hope you are also feeling fine, “
He got up and looked around, he was thirsty

Jonghyun sighed

“thats not what i ment Jinki”

He looked back at him
“Then talk to me instead of telling me whatever,”
He moved to place where he was laying earlier and laid on his stomach hugging pillow
“Maybe I am not a professional or master about dating, but...if you say I like you you should be the one who would be like give me one shoot lets go out or something, and instead I am saying we should try to go out somewhere and you are like whatever you want..”.
Jinki nudged others side
“You are the one who wants, “

Jonghyu lied next to him

“thats because i dont want to push you into doing anything Jinki i would love to go on a date with you i just wana make sure you are happy”

HE gently reached over and played with the others hair

“I can't promise you anything, but I can go out with you somewhere, “
He said calmly his eyes closing at the touch
“Because I know you, but don't give me whatever attitude, okay?Or I will never play with you truth or dare anymore, and I really want those massages, “

JOnghyung laughed

 “ok i promis i wont”

Jonghyun moved forwards slightly biteing his lip he gave onew a soft kiss befor pulling back “sorry i should have asked” he blushed

Jinki froze, he touched his own lips and looked at Jonghyun with horror in his eyes, this time it wasn't just a peck
“You player”
Jinki  mumbled and started to tickle him

Jonghyun laughed as the other tikkled him

“i..am ..not and dont look so scared”

“You are stealing kisses from me, “
He tried to make a point
“Steal from someone else!”
He puffed up his cheeks

Jonghyun pouted

“ but i dotn want to kiss any one else”

“But stealing kisses is wrong, well it's cute”
He traced his lips with his thumb
“But wrong, I like romantic kisses like on movies more, when we both want a kiss, not when you feel like trying to mess with me”
Jinki  shook his head, wondering what Jonghyun would start doing next, slapping his butt while they walk or do something?

Jonghyun pouted again

 “im sorry i promise i wont do it again unless you want me to ok?”
Jonghyuns eyes widened “ Im not trying to mess with you”

“Then don't”
He smiled and leaned closer as he pecked his nose
“Or I will get...unhappy”
He was about to say bitchy but that wasn't his style

Jonghyun blushed

“i dont want you to be unhappy”
Jonghyun looked down

“Jinki ...can ..i.ahh..can ...i..kiss you?”

Jinki  thought about it, his first kiss was suppose to happen on a date, but since it already happened he wondered if he should wait with another one until the date or if he could try
“You said it was a peck not a kiss”
He whispered
“Can you show me a kiss?Just once?”

Jonghyun blushed

 “of corusre”

He leaned forward and gently pressed his lis aginst the others wating for him to respond

Jinki did the same and after few seconds he pulled away
“That would be it”
JInki laid back in his favorite position on his tummy

umm yer thats one kiss i was going to show you the other but you moved” He blushed

Jinki  looked at him curious but he shook his head
“Just tell me about the other, I am not running away anywhere, beside we don't know yet how it will look with us, “

Jonghyun blushed again

“its the french one with you umm tounge you know?”

“Eeewww gross”
He scrunched his nose , looking at others lips

Jonghyun laughed

“its surpossed to be intermate”

“I can imagine it is, but still ewww”
He rolled on the floor
“Like sticking your tongue into someones throat?Who does that?”

“coupels do Jinki couples”

He looked at the other a small smile

“I am not a couple, and not a part of couple”
Jinki  laid flat on the floor on his back
“Not yet anyway, we could try...someday”

Jonghyun smiled

”try what the kiss or the coupel thing?”

“The kiss...what couple thing? If we end up as a couple we would try a kiss”
He said, well as a couple they would suppose to try other things as well, but Jinki didn't want to think about it just yet

Jonghyun nodded blushing

“yer right your right”

“It needs time to bloom, the relationship”
He was still believing in all this real love crap, acting like a total virgin, Jinki hummed
“I am not an easy target, “

Jonghyun laughed “i never thought you were “

He smiled at him

“I think its sweet all that stuff you like about true love”

Jinki  nodded and smiled
“Thank you, it's nice you said that,I just want it to mean something, not just someone getting into my pants”

Jonghyun blushed at the last part

“That was the furthest thing from my mind”

Jinki looked at him his face turning bright red
“Yah don't! stop imagining it”
Jinki threw pillow at the other

Jonghyun cauth the pillow lauhging

“i wnset i swear ..i....i....was thinking about kissing you”

JOnghyun wispred

Jinki fanned his face looking as red as a tomato

Jonghyun laughed and poked his cheek

“are you sure your face is red enough”

Jinki pretended to bite others finger and he tried to calm down
“I will see if you imagine me like that and I will hunt you, “

jonghyun nodded

“ i know i like our hugs”

Jonghyun  smiled

Jinki  finally got ride of blush from his face, now he was just wondering if he was lame or something with his thinking
“Lets have rematch of truth and dare next week, I will came up with some good stuff and win,”

“haha ok its a date ....i mean deal it a deal “

Jonghyun blushed

“At home, you prefer rematch with other people playing too, or just us?”
He snuggled pillow
“Date is when you go out, or do something datish...playing game doesn't count,”

Jonghyun nodded

 “i know and i would like to go on a date with you if you will let me take you and id prefer if we played by our selfs “

“Yes and yes”
Jinki said and smiled at the other
“I would go on a date with you, and if it's just the game between two of us I am fine with it, but we should play all together too,”

“mm we should play with them it would be fuN”
Jonghyun smiled at Onew

“were do you wana go on a date then?”

Jinki had few places he thought it would be nice
“Surprise me?”